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Candidate profile: Shonda L. Brock, Williamsville School Board

shonda-brockSchool district: Williamsville

Age: 47

Town (current residence): Williamsville

Current occupation and/or community involvement:

Currently I am a Territory Manager for St. Jude Medical. I've worked for St. Jude in many roles from clinical trials, training and sales since 2003. I am married and have four children. My husband and I have two who've graduated from the Williamsville School district and have gone on to graduate from UB. We also have two more within the district. We are very active in children school lives. My husband is Transit PTA President and I have been team mom for my daughter's soccer team for three years. I was on Sister's Hospital Foundation board helping raise funds and awareness. Currently I am a Girlfriend Inc. and an Erie County Link member and you can always find me cheering on the sidelines for my children at their sporting events.

Number of years you have lived in the school district: 14

Incumbent: No

Have you run for office before? No

Please tell us about yourself:

I have been in medical sales since 1998. I am very proud of the products, I've represented. Before then I severed in the US Army as a Caption in Military Intelligence. I'm usually quite about my accomplishments because I feel that every day is a new day to prove yourself. "It's not about what happened yesterday, but what are you prepared to give today?" I believe as a leader you have to listen, collect facts and make decisions. It sounds easy, but its extremely difficult in this age when information flows fast and is coming in all directions. I believe in family and friendships. On most Sundays we have six or more gathered around enjoying a home cooked meal and talking. These are the times I enjoy most, the simple art of conversation.

Please describe the top issues facing your school district and how you would address them as a school board member:

Pressing issues I believe facing the Williamsville School Board are as follows: 1. Common Core testing & NYS testing. Our educators feel that they are teaching for a test. I feel strongly about placing measures, but is this the right measure? It' been proven standardized testing is not equal. I want to help the board develop new measures and push back on state testing. 2. Transparency on the board, I would like to have educators and the community to be more involved with matters on the board. 3. Recess and being physically fit. 4. Teaching our children "Coping Skills". How do our children deal with failure, bullying and social media. We need to develop programs to help our children understand how not to fall victim to these issues.

Do you think public education in New York is headed in the right direction? Yes

Please explain why, in 100 words or less:

I believe NY is heading in the right direction because are talking about the issues. We are taking ownership. We are ready to move the State rankings. New York state is ranked in the middle compared to the other states in the US. Williamsville Central is ranked relatively high, 37th in the state. (According to Niche 2016 results) We are marked high on gradation rates from High school, above average on SAT and ACT , Reading, Math Score and class room sized. I have seen these results in my own children. I'm running for the school board to help improve on our rankings. How do we make good into great? I'm prepared to listen and incorporate community ideas into making Williamsville School district number one.

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