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Radiohead breaks internet silence with 'Burn the Witch'

Radiohead pulled everything from its social media and official band sites on Sunday. Fans knew what this likely meant - the arrival of the much rumored-about new music we'd been starving for since the 2011 release of "The King Of Limbs."

On Tuesday morning, we got a taste of that new music in the form of first single "Burn the Witch." Good news - this is top tier stuff, a pizzicato strings-led blend of soaring melody and deep dread that sounds tailor-made for the present day, even though it seems that the tune's genesis is at least a few years old. (Lyrics like "Red crosses on wooden doors/and if you float, you burn/Loose talk around tables/Abandon all reason, avoid all eye contact, do not react/Shoot the messengers" are clearly not meant to make  listeners feel all snug and safe in their beds of a dark and lonely evening. But this is abstract stuff, so abstract from it what you will.)

Now bring on the full album, boys. We've been warned. We're ready.


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