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Overlook the violence and you’ll be hooked on ‘Walking Dead’

Title: “The Walking Dead”

Year it began: 2010

Are they making new episodes?: Yes. Season 7  premieres in October on AMC

Where it can be seen: AMC, OnDemand, seasons 1-5 streaming on Netflix.

Who’s in it: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohen.

Typical episode length: 45 minutes

Number of episodes to date: 6 seasons/83 episodes

Brief plot description: Humans fight for survival after the dead mysteriously return as zombies.

Why it’s worth watching: No one could have predicted this series based on a graphic novel about a zombie apocalypse would become a cultural phenomenon and cable television’s highest-rated TV show. It took me four seasons to watch my first episode because I thought it too violent for my squeamish nature. Halfway into the gripping pilot episode I was hooked - two days later I finished the first season. Universally considered one of the best TV shows, TWD has strong writing and a fantastic ensemble cast. The show’s strength is that the apocalyptic setting and zombies are only a canvas used to explore the fascinating idea of what happens to people under extraordinary, often unthinkable  circumstances. It’s thoughtful, intelligent, relentlessly intense and very emotional (don’t be surprised when you yell at your television or start “sniffling”). Check out the pilot – you’ll know why people can’t stop talking about this show. If you watch four episodes a week you’ll be caught up when Season 7 debuts.

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