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Letter: Verizon employees deserve a living wage

Verizon employees deserve a living wage

Verizon workers are on strike because the company does not want to keep their jobs here in America and plans on saving money by employing foreign workers.

Collective bargaining has been eliminated and right-to-work jobs that are union-busting have grown in number since President Ronald Reagan did away with air traffic controller jobs and replaced them with “scab” workers.

The current CEO of Verizon makes $18.3 million in annual compensation. The Verizon workers are knowledgable and courteous and have always fixed any problem that I have had with the service. They deserve a living wage.

Rather than exporting jobs, Verizon should expand its TV service to the City of Buffalo, suburbs and rural areas. The added business will keep jobs here in the United States. Verizon’s product is better than other cable companies because the quality of its workers is superior.

Kathleen Warren