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Letter: Little less conversation, a lot more action needed

Little less conversation, a lot more action needed

President Obama preaches about climate change and the environment. However, an article in the April 24 News shows the smog in Washington, D.C., and talks about the high rate of asthma among poor children, yet officials want to open a homeless shelter next to a bus terminal with 250 diesel buses.

About the same time I saw Mayor Byron Brown talking about what a great job the city is dong on recycling. In the meantime, we and other communities continue to dump raw sewage and chemicals into the Great Lakes.

I believe that both of these issues can be rectified more easily and cheaply than global climate change. How about natural gas for the buses and upgrading our sewers and treatment plants? A lack of drinking water will bring our demise before climate change.

These politicians are all hypocrites and talk out of both sides of their mouths.

Robert Mortellaro

West Seneca