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City Hallways (May 2) For the Under-35 crowd

He's keeping his day job

Mayor Brown's budget press conference was held on the 18th floor of City Hall, in the room where CitiStat meetings are held. With Brown speaking in front of the room, Common Council members sat in the first row, followed by department heads, then the media.

As Brown talked about his budget, he mentioned the city will be getting a new class of police recruits, and he mentioned there's still time to sign up to take the June 18 police exam. The cutoff for applying is May 13.

At least one Council member is young enough to apply, the 57-year-old mayor noted as he glanced out at the city lawmakers seated in front of him.

To be eligible, an applicant must be between 19 and 35 years old the day of the test, so Brown was likely referring to the Council's youngest member, Delaware District's Joel Feroleto, an attorney who turned 34 a couple months ago.

I later asked, and Feroleto said he's not interested. Seems he likes the job he has.


From my budget notes:

A few other things from the Brown budget press conference:

*His plan to buy iPads  for all police officers would make Buffalo the first big-city department in the nation to provide the equipment to all its officers.

Among the benefits of the iPads, Brown said, is officers can use them to take photos that could be inserted into crime reports.

*State aid is remaining the same for the upcoming budget year. Brown and other big-city mayors asked for more money, but didn't get it.

*The 2016-17 budget plan keeps school aid at the same level as the 2015-16 budget. That means no extra funds - as requested by the school district -  to get aides on all school buses.

Countdown to Primary Day
The Indiana primary is Tuesday, which is also school board Election Day in Buffalo.

Today's calendar items
Common Council holding budget hearings.

Planning Board meets late this afternoon.

In today's  Buffalo News  and, I have a story on city taxes.

And here's an interesting story by my colleague Jay Rey leading up to Tuesday's school board elections.

And also a story on the Buffalo  Billion from Sunday in case you missed it.  It's worth reading.

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