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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Green Road, Joseph D. Critelli to Joshua Austin; Sara Austin, $25,000.


• River Road, Joseph S Pizzuto Family Trust; John Timothy C. Pizzuto; Leone Mel Pizzuto to Martin J. Caliendo, $299,999.

• 460 East Lane, Kristin Law; Kristin A. Law to Brittany A. Zucco, $140,000.

• 5093 Bronson Drive, Michael W. Lester to HUD, $125,000.

• 4922 Ridgeview Ave., Jodie Alm; Daniel P. Pearson; Jodie Pearson to Adam Gierach, $70,000.

CITY OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $151,041 Average price: $57,750 Median price: $44,500 Number of Sales: 19

• 33 Howard Ave., Ariana J. Kotary; Timothy M. Kotary to LVS Title Trust; US Bank National, $151,041.

• Willow St., Carol A. Flores; Francis W. Flores to Edwin Kosobucki, $145,500.

• 5 Alanview Drive, Julie L. Schucker; Julie L. Speer to Natalya N. Vityk; Roman V. Vityk, $132,000.

• Regent Ave., Suzanne P. Croisdale; Suzanne P. Kreutz to Alexandria A. Gibson; Donald E. Schildhauer Jr., $94,340.

• 18 William St., Michael Sattler to HUD, $92,488.

• South St., Amy M. Gardner; Warren K. Gardner to Vanessa R. Spencer, $77,000.

• Prospect St & Washington St., Phyllis J. Whitenight to Carol Kinney, $58,000.

• Davison Road, Western New York Property Holdings to Happliarino Properties; Paul Tagliarino, $45,000.

• 182 North Transit St., Joseph Kane to Woodbridge Property Group, $44,500.

• Harvey Ave., William D. Doyle to Deborah Graning, $44,500.

• 131 Allen St., Joseph Kane to Woodbridge Property Group, $39,400.

• 121 Locust St., Joseph Kane to Woodbridge Property Group, $39,000.

• Caledonia St & Prospect St., Paul E. Wendt; Robin S. Wendt to Ashlee N. Dodd, $36,923.

• Michigan St & Niagara St., Charles B. Faraci; Charles L. Faraci to Joseph M. Silva, $30,000.

• West Genesee St & Hawley St., Wm Kugler & Bro to Hawley Development, $22,255.

• Gooding St & Harwood St., Elizabeth L. Bush; Robert M. Bush to Dimitri Papachatzis, $17,000.

• 599 Davison Road, Tracy Straw to Western New York Property Holdings, $12,000.

• Independence Ave., Talarico Bros Building Corp to Ann E. Albee; Donald E. Albee, $8,500.

• Chestnut St., John W. Payne to Paul D. Root, $7,800.


• Shunpike Road, Sally M. Lemley; Lisa Routhier; Jacquelyn I. Spedding; Jacquelyn Irene Spedding to Marvin Otto, $168,500.

• Northview Drive, Shawn Sarters; Silke A. Sarters to Alec R. Spencer; Brittany M. Spencer, $129,900.

• Stone Road, Chester Baron; Thomas F. Hewner to Frances A. Scocchera; James Scocchera, $125,000.

• 7166 Rochester Road, Dorothy J Young Family Trust; Shannon A. Young to Sarah M. Fiorella, $119,000.

• Heather Dr & Lake Ave., Lynn H. Mellas; Mary Ellen Stierer to Dennis L. Stierer; Mary Ellen Stierer, $56,925.


• 6130 East Ave., Carrie McPhail; Carrie A. McPhail; Carrie Smith; Carrie A. Smith to Structured Asset Securities; US Bank National, $88,230.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $75,000 Average price: $43,339 Median price: $44,000 Number of Sales: 12

• Woodside Place, Lisa M. Damuro; Carol M. Tortorice to Michael Carlisto, $75,000.

• 7 82nd St., Jennifer D. Giess to Sean R. Casilio; Julianne E. Palmer, $69,900.

• Managers Inc Unit 5, William D. Cooper to John Edwards; Renee M. Edwards, $58,500.

• 543 25th St., Hooks Handyman Service to Dorit Levy Samoha; Itzhaq Samoha, $51,500.

• 5627 Niagara Falls Blvd., City Controller of Niagara Falls to City of Niagara Falls New York, $50,000.

• 449 17th St., Charles E. Ellsmore; Judith R. Ellsmore to Jakub Markowski, $44,000.

• Parkway Condo Unit 1408, Linda Laurendi; Elaine McCune; Michele C. Roberts; Michelle C. Roberts to Linda Laurendi; Elaine McCune, $40,000.

• 8121 Valle Dr Unit A-5, Michael Depasquale Revocable Living Trust to Lisa Graff, $40,000.

• 1326 Elmwood Ave., Rose V. Hill to Wells Fargo Bank, $39,422.

• 4301 Crescent Drive, Selene Finance; SRMOF II Trust US Bank Trust to Errol Honadle, $25,750.

• 630 15th St., Norma Benvenuti; Linda M. Pavicich to Redbird Properties, $16,000.

• 25 19th St., Frank Doran to Fuad Auada, $10,000.


• Vanderbilt Ave., Clovis A. Phillips; Michele A. Phillips to Adam M. Mazgaj, $153,000.

• Nash Road, John L. Cummings to Mitchell R. Bunce, $135,000.

• 1484 Forbes St., John C. Roeser to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $111,673.

• East Robinson St., Niagara Area Habitat For Humanity to Julie M. Lisanby, $85,000.

• 36 Hagen Ave., Craig A. Smith to Anthony M. Lewandowski, $61,885.

• 1484 Forbes St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Timothy Heitzenrater, $57,000.


• Devonshire Lane, Campbell Pendleton to NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York, $65,620.


• 5 Cottage Road, Barbara Krieger to Amanda N. Brown; Brandon D. Brown, $157,000.

• 5097 Griswold St., Brett Decker to Andrew R. Swendsen; Ashley L. Swendsen, $126,500.


• Lakewood Drive, Vanderbilt Properties to Christine M. Morreale; Robert J. Morreale, $390,000.

• Lakeside Drive, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to James Worley; Kathleen Worley, $256,800.

• 7029 Nash Road, Cameron Weingartner; Cameron M. Weingartner to HUD, $165,336.

• Washington St., Michael J. Devantier to Ronald Seiler, $23,000.

• 485 & 487 103rd St., Socko Development to Frank A. Doran, $10,000.


• 495 Lake St., Nancy Stempien-Wilkinson to Fannie Mae, $147,858.