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Letter: Will the real Trump please stand up now?

Will the real Trump please stand up now?

Just who is this “man behind the curtain” who is attempting to be the Republican nominee for the president of our country?

Is he the bombastic, schoolyard bully who brags about his conquests? Is he the self-proclaimed tough guy who will strike fear into the hearts of CEOs, leaders of foreign countries and opponents? Is he the person who thinks he can solve foreign affairs problems without any real time experience, needing no help other than his own brain? Is he the person who believes there is no difference between political correctness and outright rude, demeaning comments about others? Or is he the person being created by his new hired handlers, who are teaching him to be more “presidential” – and when will that person appear?

How many more personalities are hiding within Donald Trump and when and under what circumstances will they appear? A vote for Trump seems to be a very complicated, unnerving proposition.

Donna Lee Denz