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Letter: Rumore’s power has hurt Buffalo students for years

Rumore’s power has hurt Buffalo students for years

It is difficult to understand how Phil Rumore has remained executive in charge of the Buffalo Teachers Federation in the face of the tragic record of miseducation foisted on the children of the district for the 34 years of his tenure. Readers of the April 24 front page of The News, devoted to an analysis of the infighting in advance of the School Board election, may have been as astonished as I was to read a quote from Rumore ascribing a “quest for power” as the motive behind the current majority’s reform agenda.

Against all odds, Rumore may have hit the nail, but on the wrong head. It is the failed policy of the board’s minority members, who have taken advantage of their positions to award jobs to constituents and to enjoy lavish convention trips, who would seem to benefit from hanging on to “power.”

Now what on God’s green earth is the word “power” doing in a discussion over education? Well, perhaps it relates to the dispensation of the over $800 million that made up a recent budget. Teachers share in that $800 million, paying the dues that pay the expenses and salaries of the union and, for 34 years, the remuneration of Rumore.

A prima facie case hits you in the face when your realize that Rumore’s primary motivation is to increase his salary by working to increase district budgets and teacher hirings. Judging on the teachers retaining Rumore in power all these years, he has been doing a good job for them.

As for the students …

John Joyce