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Letter: Bubble-wrapped kids love Sanders’ nonsense

Bubble-wrapped kids love Sanders’ nonsense

In 1944, 18-year-olds stormed the beaches at Normandy, facing almost certain death. In 1945, 19-year-olds climbed Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. In 2016, 18-year-olds need safe spaces on campus to make sure they’re not hurt by a stray word, and 19-year-olds need grief counseling because someone wrote “Trump” in chalk on a sidewalk.

We have a whole generation of bubble-wrapped kids who expect to go through life never being offended, never having their feelings hurt and getting trophies for participation. Kids take out $250,000 in student loans to earn a degree for a job that pays $40,000 a year, then expect us to foot the bill.

Then along comes Bernie Sanders, promising sunshine, lollipops and free everything. Is it any wonder he’s so popular with these kids? It’s too bad Santa Claus isn’t a natural born citizen. He’d have this election sewn up already. Nothing is free, kids. Whenever someone gets something without working for it, someone else worked for it and didn’t get it.

Tim Delano