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Sports Talk: Our readers speak out (May 1)

Branding of UB athletics back to where it should be

Let me be one of the first to congratulate the new brand strategy launch of the University at Buffalo that is finally taking a new and sensible direction. As one of the original “New York” critics, I feel compelled to recognize and congratulate Athletic Director Allen Greene and President Satish Tripathy for finally righting the wrongs of former AD Danny White.

This successful campaign is a tribute to a universitywide effort that drew on the input and expertise of thousands of alumni, faculty, students, staff and community members.

How can you not thank everyone who contributed their time, energy and insight into this effort? And I truly believe all the alumni writers on this subject helped create the impetus for change.

The bottom line is we have our University at “Buffalo” identity back, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you all very much for your vision and dedication to rebuilding our UB pride.

And now I can only smile and say, well done UB; and thank you everyone who shared opinions about this.

James R. Ahrens


Memories of Braves strong, even if their time was short

I really enjoyed Bucky Gleason’s trip back in time, with his “eulogy” for the Braves.

Despite Bucky’s investigative efforts in getting the franchise’s secrets from Mr. Snyder and Mr. Brown, the negative impact on the team by the Sabres and Canisius, the long list of coaches and stars that departed, and all the what-if’s of possible players we could have had or championships we could have won, I still have to say thanks for the memories.

With all the sports teams and games (high school, college and pro) I have seen in Buffalo, none have given me as much enjoyment as the Braves.

So, Mr. Snyder, thank you for that spur of the moment emotion to buy the team.

Randy Philipps


For many, Matteson was more than just a coach

Congratulations to Coach Marv Matteson on achieving a remarkable 1,000 career victories. I am proud to have participated in a few of them with Kenmore East cross country. Coach was always ready with a stopwatch and a wry quip. He helped develop my zeal for running, which still continues 35 years later.

Through running, I have learned valuable life lessons such as persistence, self-discipline, and having the confidence to accept a challenge. I learned that obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal – a perspective that has been helpful in far more than just running. Thank you, coach, and congratulations.

Mark Veronica


Thomas is in the thoughts of Western New York fans

As one of the most beloved Buffalo Bills in franchise history, Thurman Thomas should know that the prayers and love of a grateful community are with him and his family as he suffers from the effects of concussions.

God bless you, Thurman Thomas, and thank you for the shining beacon that you have been for us for so many years.

Richard H. Escobales Jr.


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