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Letter: Republican candidates have behaved terribly

Republican candidates have behaved terribly

I was surprised by Donald Trump complaining about the primary rules. I would’ve thought as a financial “uber-genius” he would’ve made an effort to learn them, or at least hire someone who did. If the Republican National Committee is too tough for him, he shouldn’t be commander in chief.

Yes, the Republicans did take it easy on him at first. I think they were hoping to hit him up for money later in their campaigns. But then Trump seemed surprised when they started coming after him. Did he not see the results of the GOP primaries?

Of course, nobody asked Trump how he would get Mexico to pay for the wall without declaring war. The biggest issues were “my wife’s hotter than yours” and what to do about transgender people in the ladies room. Amazing how public restrooms make Republicans think of sex.

I am so not voting Republican this year.

Larry Schultz