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Letter: Kids Day generosity is truly heartwarming

Kids Day generosity is truly heartwarming

I am a member of West Seneca Masonic Lodge No. 1111. Along with many charities that we support annually, our lodge has supported The Buffalo News Kids Day paper sale for many years now, and we have always been overwhelmed by the support of our community. But every now and then something special happens that truly humbles you.

This year while working at the corner of East & West Road at Union Road in West Seneca, a gentlemen handed me a $100 bill. I obviously started to scramble for change when he said, “Sir, keep the change.” I am still numb to the feeling. The whole meeting lasted about 2 seconds as he smiled and drove off to his job.

As I have recapped this meeting numerous times in my head, I cannot let go of his face; something in that brief moment told me this was very special to him. I feel maybe the Variety Club or Children’s Hospital was a big part of his life with a child at some point, and he felt this warm comfort in giving back. Wow. So generous. Whoever he is, God bless him and I pray peace fills his heart with the true joy of giving.

I am sure there are many stories of so many Western New Yorkers who support this event, but I just felt a need to share this one with The News.

Gary F. Degener