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Letter: Drivers should give local wildlife a break

Drivers should give local wildlife a break

Spring is in the air and winter is becoming a fleeting memory. The birds are singing their mating calls, and ducks and geese have paired up and are finding places to nest. I love spring and all of the new beginnings, but I also shudder to think about when the eggs hatch and the fledglings emerge and start to travel with their parents.

Canada geese – you either tolerate them, love them or hate them. Like them or not, they are here and they travel along bike paths, busy intersections and streets to find water sources for food and to teach the fledglings to swim.

Let’s face it, we all have places to go, but these geese are just trying to survive, like we are, in a sometimes hostile world. I have had to stop my car to let families of geese cross the road and sometimes have people beep at me or even try to pull around me, and I think to myself: Are you seriously going to run these babies over rather than take five minutes to let them cross?

The fledglings are totally dependent on their parents and will not be able to fly for three to four weeks. In closing, take a few moments to stop if you see them starting to cross, and maybe you will feel good about yourself and your day when you get to your destination.

Christine Kobus