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Letter: Changing one’s gender simply is not possible

Changing one’s gender simply is not possible

Ruth Marcus said in her column that we should have a mature discussion of this complex issue. Let’s discuss. First, transgenderism has nothing to do with civil rights or discrimination. Members of the LGBT community are bullies who will do anything to have it their way; disagree with them and here come the lawyers.

Secondly, you cannot change your gender; no amount of surgery or hormones will alter the sex you are born with. Calling Bruce Jenner “she” is symptomatic of the problem. Instead of offering him treatment, we give him a hero’s award.

The News is also guilty of this, calling the male student at Cheektowaga Central “she.” He is not a she; he is a he, no matter what he does to alter himself. You are not helping these sad people by caving to their distorted view of themselves.

Jim Banko