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Clemson's co-DC Marion Hobby on Shaq Lawson: 'He’s an every-down player'

Caught up with Clemson's co-defensive coordinator and defensive ends coach Marion Hobby last month for this story on his two dynamic pass rushers heading to the NFL.

Here are his full comments on Shaq Lawson, who the Buffalo Bills made their 19th overall pick...

On Shaq Lawson's game: “It’s probably just his competitive edge. His competitive edge comes out when he practices, it comes out in the game — he really does — and he has that natural ability. So when you have that natural ability and the love of the game, it’s hard to defeat one of those guys.”

On where he sees his relentlessness: “He’s that way in practice as well. He’s got a good feel for it. He doesn’t mind getting out there and getting to work. I’ll tell you: he’s an easy guy to coach.”

On who Lawson compares to: “I don’t want to label that guy as a pass rusher. He’s an every-down player. The guy I’m familiar with that he reminds me of is Shaun Ellis. Shaun Ellis has that great size and great twitch. He played a long time in the NFL. Could’ve played 4-3, could’ve played 3-4. And Charles Grant. He’s another guy who had pass-rush ability but he could play the run and was just a big, physical end.”

On Rex Ryan wanting versatile players: “And he has that versatility. He can drop into coverage as flat dropper. He can go after the quarterback. You can slide him inside and play some bear — he can do that, too. He’s just versatile.”

On if Lawson is wired a bit different and when he saw it: “It was probably one of his first practices. In high school, you could see that his coach did a great job with him working with him on technique. I know he was coached pretty hard. But probably those first couple of days when he reported. He had gained a little bit of weight and he wasn’t quite ready yet. But he didn’t have any quit in him. I remember him being tired and still pushing himself.

“He still has a lot in front of him. He went to Hargrave (Military Academy) for a year. Three years of major college football. I think he still has a major upside ahead of him. … Shaq just turned 21.”

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