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Letter: Open our county parks when the weather is nice

Open our county parks when the weather is nice

Mr. Poloncarz: Tear down those barriers. President Ronald Reagan used a similar line asking Mikhail Gorbachev to bring down the wall in Germany. Well, walls exist at Chestnut Ridge Park. Last weekend, my wife and I went to the park to enjoy the weather and encountered gates that limited access to about 20 percent of the park.

I believe that there may have been a couple thousand people crowded into the parking lots and the few areas open to the public.

Our politicians always cry poor and threaten to cut programs that affect the public the most. Sports programs, busing, snowplowing and public access to parks and beaches are always the first to be affected.

Our summers are short enough; good-weather weekends are treasured in Western New York. Maybe our county executive could take some of the money saved this year on snow removal, salt use and overtime, and open our county parks earlier so the taxpaying public can enjoy them.

Paul Dudek

East Aurora