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Cellphone worn like necklace saves man’s life

Peter Jacobs likes to wear his cellphone like a necklace reaching down to his chest.

It may have saved his life.

Jacobs was standing outside a corner store at 431 Leroy Ave. on April 16 when a gunman opened fire on him. Bullets struck the 38-year-old Jacobs in both arms. One bullet hit his cellphone instead of his chest, according to Capt. Joseph A. Gramaglia of the Buffalo Homicide Bureau.

“His cellphone was hanging like a necklace, and that stopped the bullet from going into his chest,” Gramaglia said.

And earlier this week, there was another break in the shooting.

Homicide detectives arrested the man they believe shot Jacobs after they were able to identify him from surveillance video at the corner store.

Rasheen Alston, 39, was charged with second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

“He was arrested when he showed up at the probation office,” Gramaglia said, explaining that Alston has criminal convictions and is on probation.

Homicide detectives have also solved two other serious shootings.

Daron Cody, 23, of Buffalo, was arrested Sunday for an Oct. 15 shooting on Pansy Place involving an individual who lives on that street. Detectives charged Cody with second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault.

Northeast District Officers Joseph Christopher and Joseph Paszkiewicz took Cody into custody after spotting him while out on patrol, Gramaglia said.

“They knew he was wanted on a pick-up request by homicide detectives and they brought him down to police headquarters and he was charged,” he said.

Michael Brackett, 23, was arrested last Saturday and accused of shooting a clerk inside a deli at the corner of Virginia Street and Whitney Place on Jan. 14. The clerk survived the wounds.

An extensive investigation by Homicide Detective Joy Jermain resulted in information on Brackett and a second suspect, 18-year-old Brandon Sanders, who was arrested in early April. Brackett was taken into custody without incident by Central District Officers Angela Yeates and Liz Baker.

“Our patrol officers are doing an excellent job in locating” and apprehending suspects sought in the different shootings, Gramaglia said.