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Letter: It may be time to ax expensive cable TV

It may be time to ax expensive cable TV

I just saw on the news that Time Warner is going to be bought by a company known as Charter. I checked on what was going to be different on my bill and found that it intends to increase the cost.

Just what is the justification? I pay quite a bit per month and am having second thoughts as to whether it’s worth it. I’ve been paying attention to what I get for what I pay, and I think I am getting ripped off big time.

One of the first things I’ve noticed is the number of channels offered, which is quite a bit. But when you check out those channels, you’ll find that there are a lot you don’t want; channels like shopping, religious, sports and infomercials. A lot of channels are duplicated but with a different number. And a lot of programs are repeated over and over again. Most shows have at least one-third commercials, if not more. It seems to me that with the number of commercials, the cost should be considerably lower.

I have Starz, which is a series of movie channels that I got for free as part of my deal to renew my cable for a year. Most of the movies are older and are repeated many times. Rarely do I see an up-to-date movie. If I had to pay for it, I wouldn’t get it.

This all leads me to consider whether I will renew my cable TV service. I do have an inside antenna that gets me about 20 channels, which are most of the channels that I watch anyway.

Daniel Caputa