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Buffalo police officer under investigation in road rage incident

A complaint that an off duty Buffalo police officer smashed a man’s head repeatedly against a truck window during a road rage incident is being investigated by Internal Affairs officers, according to the Buffalo Police Department.

Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda declined to comment, explaining that he is prohibited from discussing personnel matters.

The incident involves Central District Officer Cedric Littlejohn, who was off-duty when the alleged attack occurred, according to police sources.

The internal review began about a month ago after it was first brought to the attention of the department.

Littlejohn remains on active duty as an officer, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Police say that they do not know if the allegations are accurate and the investigation is continuing.

WKBW-TV Channel 7 News interviewed the alleged victim.

“He grabbed a hold of me by the throat, slammed my head into the side of my truck about three times, breaking the window out,” the alleged victim told Channel 7 reporter Ed Drantch.

Providing additional insights to Drantch was a witness to the alleged incident, who said: “As soon as he (the victim) said ‘I’m calling the cops,’ the guy from the gray car said, ‘I am a cop.’ ”

The TV reporter also questioned the officer at what appears to be a residence.

In the exchange, Drantch asked, “So you’re denying that you bashed somebody’s head through a window?”

The officer responded, “You got to talk to my department about that.”