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Our 2016 NFL Draft preview

Our 2016 NFL Draft preview was published in Thursday's editions.

Here's a roundup of our extensive pre-draft coverage:

This just in -- today's posts

A Bills-centric mock draft -- all seven of their picks, through every round. By Jay Skurski

One ... last ... mock draft. By Tyler Dunne.

Three-up, three-down: Bills first-round options edition. By Jay Skurski

Draft Day Mailbag. By Tyler Dunne.

Preview issue coverage

The basics: The Bills and this year's NFL Draft: What you need to know. By Vic Carucci

Cover story: Why this draft is so critical for the win-now Bills. By Vic Carucci

Jerry Sullivan's column: Mixed signals make Bills tough to figure

Bills, yet again, wrestle with the QB conundrum. By Tyler Dunne

Vic Carucci's analysis: How the Bills have fared over the last five drafts.

Jay Skurski's Mock Draft 3.0: Bills in good position to land starters

Quick outs by Jay Skurski: Draft tidbits, numbers, rarities & records

Fan-demonium: Long-time season-ticket holder gets the draft call. By Budd Bailey

UB players

Why UB’s Joe Licata is certain that he can play in the NFL. By Tyler Dunne

Q&A with UB's Joe Licata

Weiser, Kling, Alozie among UB Bulls with NFL Draft on their minds. By Jay Skurski

The Buffalo News_cropThe Buffalo News_2016_April_28_Buffalo News_All Editions_B_GEI-NULL_1_01Photo galleries

* The Bills' No. 1 NFL Draft picks: We grade them all

* Letter winners: The best of the Bills draft picks, from A to Z

(Story: Catching up with the player who was the 'Q')

* Tyler Dunne's top 10 quarterbacks

* Bills all-time 10 best draft picks

* Bills all-time worst 10 draft picks


* [BN] Blitz Podcast -- Bills' draft preview with Vic & Jay

* Dunne with Graham -- Draft preview: Quarterbacks, pass rushers and... 'hand-snatchers'


Aaron Maybin, a first-round draft pick for Bills in 2009, finds peace through art. By Tim Graham

A rebound from an 0-8 start in 2010 cost the Bills the No. 1 draft pick. Oh, what might have been ....  By Tyler Dunne

Torell Troup: the one drafted a pick ahead of Rob Gronkowski. By Tyler Dunne

Predraft series

Tyler Dunne's position-by-position series: Feature stories, top 10 lists for each position & more

More predraft coverage

Vic Carucci's three thoughts on Draft Day eve: What should the Bills do at No. 19? Plus QBs, Brady

Jay Skurski's three thoughts for Draft Week: Down on drafting WR or OL early & the draft's most interesting question

Tim Graham's Power Take: Chad Kelly may have been contender in weak QB class

Jay Skurski's Three-up, three down: Draft week edition

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