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Letter: Writer should look up meaning of ‘socialism’

Writer should look up meaning of ‘socialism’

A recent letter claimed that supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are “totally ignorant to what some words mean that are being used,” and implied that they did not have a grasp on what socialism is. The letter demonstrated a stunning lack of self-awareness on the writer’s part.

Socialism is a societal order in which the means of production are socially owned – either by the state, or by the “proletariat,” or by individual workers’ collectives, among others. The writer then went on to accuse Clinton of being a socialist, claiming that she promised to “continue the policies of President Obama.”

The notion that either Clinton or Obama is a “socialist” is absurd. Neither has advocated for social ownership of the means of production in any form. “Obamacare” and higher tax rates for millionaires are not socialist policies, despite the rants of Rush Limbaugh and others. Obama supported bailing out the big banks at the expense of the taxpayers. JP Morgan, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs are amongst Clinton’s top political donors. “Socialists,” indeed!

The writer seems not to know what constitutes real socialism. Perhaps he should step outside of the right-wing echo chamber before accusing others of being “ignorant.”

Brendan Stone

Grand Island