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City Hallways (April 27) Which councilmember's on the cellphone?


Before the Gavel
I took this picture Tuesday in the minutes before the Council meeting started.

For those not familiar with the individual Council members, that's Delaware District  Councilman Joel Feroleto focused on his phone, and South District Councilman Chris Scanlon in the foreground, to the far left, talking to North District Councilman Joe Golombek, who is speaking with his hands.

Further to the right, we have Council President Darius Pridgen with his back toward us, and in the middle of the group is Niagara Councilman Dave Rivera to the left, and Fillmore Councilman Dave Franczyk to the right.

That looks like University Councilman Rasheed Wyatt toward the back, walking with a piece of paper in his hand.

Not pictured here are Masten Councilman Ulysees Wingo or Lovejoy Councilman Rich Fontana, who were both at the meeting, just didn't make it into this picture.

Others in the photo are generally from the city law department or clerk's office.

Attention Walmart shoppers
A small gift from Walmart evoked a biggish conversation on the retail giant.

The Council Tuesday officially accepted four bicycles donated to the Buffalo Police Department from the new Walmart Supercenter on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga.

That got Council members talking about Walmart's recent announcement that it was reversing  its decision, and would indeed allow buses on the property.

"I believe Walmart was not aware of the history of Walden Avenue and Cynthia Wiggins," Council President Pridgen said, referring to the young mother killed in late 1995 while crossing Walden Avenue because the Walden Galleria at the time banned the Buffalo Metro Bus Wiggins rode from mall property.

"I think it speaks a lot for the company," Pridgen said. "They ended up putting it right on the property. It's huge for the people. It shows respect for the people of the city."

Councilman Fontana sounded a bit less impressed. "I'm glad they came to their senses," he said.

Fontana then went on to say he  preferred Walmart's former Thruway Mall location to having the replacement Walmart Supercenter at the former Super Flea Market property, further west on Walden.

"The new location is perplexing for me," Fontana said. "The old Walmart wasn't too far. Now you have to go through congestion. It's much further to get there. I liked the old location better."

Countdown to Primary Day news
Donald Trump went five for five Tuesday night, winning Pa., Md., Del., Conn., R.I.

Hillary Clinton won  Pa., Md.,  Delaware and Conn.

Bernie Sanders won Rhode Island.

In today's Buffalo News and on, I have story on Council supporting Fruit Belt permit parking plan and opposing methadone clinic expansion.

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