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Letter: Enact state law to increase local share of DMV revenue

Enact state law to increase local share of DMV revenue

When an Erie County resident goes into a local auto bureau to transact business, whether it be a registration renewal, license renewal or taking a permit test, Erie County keeps only 12.7 percent of the fees paid. Last year, our Erie County auto bureaus generated $36 million in fees, yet only $4 million stayed local while $32 million went to Albany.

These are fees paid by Erie County motorists, serviced by Erie County employees, yet the majority of the money goes to Albany. With tax caps and unfunded mandates, New York State, at a minimum, must let local governments keep an equitable share of the revenue they generate.

The good news is there is the potential for a law to be passed this year that will be a step in the right direction. The bill, currently before the New York State Senate and Assembly, would increase the local share from 12.7 percent to 25 percent.

This increase in the local share will double the amount of vital revenue that is kept here in our county, from $4 million to $8 million. This will be local money under our control that will support critical services in Erie County and help avoid the need to raise county taxes.

I encourage residents to contact their representatives in the New York State Senate and Assembly to support bill S4964/A8201 to increase the local share of Department of Motor Vehicles revenue.

Chris Jacobs

Erie County Clerk