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Letter: Americans have to stop spreading fear and hate

Americans have to stop spreading fear and hate

I am writing in response to the April 21 article, “Anti-Muslim message growing quickly across U.S.” Ron Branstner’s talk in Minneapolis has all the markings of a fear-hate rant that, if given credibility, could eventually invade and destroy one of our most important freedoms: freedom of religion. What Branstner draws attention to is our fear of “those people” i.e., people who adhere to the Islamic faith. Religious persecution is something Westerners are good at. As European Catholics and Protestants, we battled each other for centuries.

Then as the centuries rolled on, these two adversaries turned their hatred toward Judaism culminating in Hitler’s Holocaust. The worst part of today’s most marketable hate mongering occurs when this miserable message builds upon idiocies such as “the Quran is a threat to the U.S. Constitution.” And even worse, that this threat comes at us from 1 percent of the U.S. population that follows the Islamic faith.

We must never overlook the fact that Judaism, Christianity and Islam share a common ancestor: Abraham. Let each of us get back to the one basic tenet of our spiritual lives that is inherent in all three religions: “Love one another” centered in compassion.

Allan Ryan