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Buffalo man gets 20 years behind bars for fatal stabbing

Wayne Wilson went to prison for five years 1997, after being convicted of robbery. A few months after his release in 2002, he was convicted of attempted robbery and was sent to prison again. He was freed in the fall of 2014.

In December 23, 2014, Wilson robbed a person on the street of $900 at gunpoint. That was six days after he killed Lewis Browning.

Wilson pleaded guilty to both those crimes in State Supreme Court in March and on Tuesday morning Justice Penny M. Wolfgang sentenced him to 20 years to life in prison, as a persistent felony offender.

Wilson, 37, of Buffalo, was allowed to plea to the lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter in Browning’s death. According to prosecutors, witnesses saw Wilson walking behind Browning on Titus Street before the attack, and the two men were reportedly yelling or arguing. Wilson then threw a brick that hit Browning, and once the man was on the ground, Wilson pummeled him with a hockey stick before stabbing him repeatedly in the throat and torso.

Browning, 62, died a short time later.

Prosecutor Eugene Partridge said that people who knew Browning described him as a peaceful man who supported himself by working as a handyman, but who also was always willing to help others.

“He’s someone who would never hurt a fly,” is how people described him, Partridge said.

Against the advice of his attorney, Anthony Lana, Wilson gave his own statement before his sentencing.

“I would not lie in this court,” Wilson said. “I have no remorse for Lewis Browning. Lewis Browning did not have no remorse for my 13-year-old daughter when he raped her. My daughter lost her father and she lost her innocence because of Lewis Browning.”

Partridge said Wilson had not specifically talked to prosecutors about his grievance with Browning, no one ever filed rape charges in a case involving Wilson’s daughter and there was no evidence that there was any truth to Wilson’s statement. He did add that Wilson had been heard on jail phone calls talking about getting revenge on “everyone” involved in hurting his daughter, but the implications were never spelled out.