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Letter: Will Mychajliw and Quinn own up to their mistakes?

Will Mychajliw and Quinn own up to their mistakes?

I found it very interesting that the April 14 News editorials had separate yet connected themes many people may not have seen. The editorials on Erie Community College regarding the state budget and the Buffalo Urban League’s complaints regarding the county comptroller’s report both involve taxpayer funding that needs further scrutiny.

It is interesting that Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw and county legislators raked the Urban League over the coals for overcharges of about $40,000. Yet what did each do regarding ECC President Jack Quinn’s egregious hiring of friends at outrageous salaries and providing bonuses, all without the knowledge or approval of the ECC board? Mychajliw was conspicuously quiet and the Legislature gave it a cursory review. It appears the comptroller and the Legislature could easily be accused of political grandstanding.

And while we’re are at it, maybe someone should be looking into Mychajliw’s soliciting and receiving $10,000 from private individuals in order to attend a monthlong class at Harvard. Maybe he needs to be reminded that as an elected official, he falls under the New York State Public Officers Law, which prohibits public officers from soliciting and accepting gifts, both of which he readily admits to having done.

He also states that no public funds were used to attend this class yet I would strongly suspect that he collected his full salary while attending this Harvard class and not doing his job. Thus, public funds were expended.

Although when first elected, many accused Mychajliw of being a novice politician, we must give him credit for being a quick learner as he can grandstand and self serve with the most seasoned of politicians.

Isn’t it interesting that the Urban League readily admits its error and will pay back $30,576 to the county? I wonder how long it will take Quinn and Mychajliw to own up to their mistakes and pay back the county taxpayers. Don’t hold you breath.

Gerald Scott