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Letter: Why are candidates mum on sky-high drug prices?

Why are candidates mum on sky-high drug prices?

A recent News article told how the drug companies are continually raising rates on prescriptions and we just today got a taste when my wife’s drug went up almost 50 percent. Why is this subject not on the agenda of all these hopefuls running for president?

Our government sticks its nose into almost every aspect of our lives but when it comes to protecting the millions of seniors who can’t protect themselves, it’s “do the best you can.” Our representatives have the best insurance that our money can buy so they don’t have to worry about us.

I’ll bet millions of seniors are depriving themselves of things they really could use in order to help pay for some of their medications.

Recently one company was trying to merge with a foreign company to make more profit. Luckily it was put on hold for now, but I’m sure that is not the end of it. It never ends for the little guy.

John B. Guzzi