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Letter: President is just a figurehead; we need to focus on Congress

President is just a figurehead; we need to focus on Congress

What to do; who to vote for? I don’t see a clear choice. Donald Trump is way out of his league, borderline lunatic. Ted Cruz, well, America can’t withstand another Texan as president for a long time to come. John Kasich is the only one even remotely presidential, but he has been lurking in the halls of Washington, D.C., since Ronald Reagan and Americans have had their fill of cookie-cutter politicians. Hillary Clinton, same deal; same old, same old, not to mention dishonest, but what politician isn’t? Bernie Sanders says the right things but has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected or accomplishing what he says.

The reality is we need to concentrate on the 535 birds in Congress who decide what will pass and what won’t, as we saw for the last eight years. Nothing but bad legislation was passed on to Americans. No candidate is going to accomplish what’s promised without congressional approval – no wall, college for all, make Wall Street pay its fair share, wipe ISIS off the face of the earth, make America great and every other hair-brained idea.

Senators and representatives are the meat and potatoes of America. They hold all the power. The president is more of a figurehead who makes suggestions. I won’t vote for Clinton, Trump or Cruz, so I might just have to sit this one out.

Tom Perkovich