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Letter: Legally owned firearms are rarely used in crimes

Legally owned firearms are rarely used in crimes

A Chinese grad student I knew from the West Side’s old Bethlehem Church, which had a strong international presence, was stunned when shown a modest .22-caliber rifle at my home, telling me at some length how one couldn’t own such a thing in China.

It’s alarming to watch common law principles slipping here and abroad as governments write themselves new powers. For those who don’t understand what this slippage means, gaining the rights to one’s own property and weapons once made peasants no longer property themselves.

You can easily spot demagoguery on the gun issue, as two candidates recently took turns showing, when the fact consistently ignored is that legally owned firearms of all types are practically absent from the crime data the FBI gathers each year. This is accompanied by constant campaigns to further restrict legal gun ownership and trade.

Take what you want from this, but I think it’s safe to say that such advocates are usually on the government growth side of things. Benevolently of course.

Dan Hoffman