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City Hallways (April 25) Back on the Grid


Some takeaways

It's been  a while since  the New  York primary,  but  since  this  is my first post since returning from New  York City last week I thought I'd share a bit from my Big Apple trip.

First  on the Hillary Clinton election eve rally  I attended.  The appearance by Gabby Giffords kind of stole the show. The former congresswoman, who survived an assassination attempt,   spoke very slowly, each word feeling like it was  a struggle, as she  stood on the  stage in  support of Clinton.

Next the Bernie Sanders rally later  than  day.  The speech Sanders gave at the Queens rally seemed almost  word-for-word  the one  he previously gave in  Buffalo.  But the Queens atmosphere was  more rock concert than the Buffalo rally. That's partly because the downstate  rally featured a rock  band, TV  on the Radio, but  also  because streets leading to  the out-door rally were  lined  with  vendors selling  Bernie  pins and Bernie  t-shirts and Bernie  signs.

The City Hallways Straw Poll

In the better-late-than-never  category, here's details on  the City Hallways straw poll held  the  week before  the New  York primary:

In the Republican poll, City Hallways readers picked John Kasich,  who  got 50 percent of  the vote  while  Donald Trump got 26 percent,  and  Ted Cruz 7 percent. The other 17 percent were undecided.

In the Democratic poll,  City Hallways readers picked Bernie Sanders,  who  beat Clinton  by a whopping 61 percent  to 32 percent, with 7 percent  undecided.

Those  results differ from the way Erie County voted in the New  York Primary. Erie County went big  for Trump;  a slight majority went for Clinton.

It's  partly because the City Hallways  poll  - unlike  the New  York primary - was open, allowing anyone, regardless  of party, to vote in each contest. So Dems, Republicans, Independents and others voted for GOP  as well as Democratic candidates, and all got to vote in both the GOP and Dem contests. Also,  it was  an on-line  poll,  so tends to attract younger  people.

Countdown to primary news
With the  New York primary over, the next contests are tomorrow  in Pennsylvania, Maryland,  Connecticut, Delaware and  Rhode  Island.

Calendar Items
Common Council caucus meeting today to get ready for  tomorrow's Council  meeting.

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