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Profile of Buffalo School Board candidate: Bryon J. McIntyre, Central District

Bryon J. McIntyre, 53, Buffalo Fire Department retiree.

Children in Buffalo schools: One at Hutchinson-Central Technical High School (also one at Stanley G. Falk School, a private school that offers special-education services to students who would otherwise attend public school).

Experience: Vice president of District Parent Coordinating Council, Parent Teacher Organization president at Hutch-Tech and former substitute teacher in Buffalo schools.

Reasons for running: “I guess I’m just a social justice nut. I believe education is vital for children to become good citizens. And I believe that our current board isn’t doing what it could and should be doing. So instead of complaining about it I’m stepping up to do something about it.”

Supporters: Parent council and Maurice L. Garner, founder of Grassroots political organization.

Expected campaign budget: Between $750 and $1,500. ON THE ISSUES:

• Believes that charter schools offer parents options, but that they should be held accountable.

• Supports extending the school day and school year.

• Thinks that the state receivership law – which places the most struggling schools in direct control of superintendent – has the potential to improve Buffalo schools.

• Supports using standardized tests to evaluate teachers and decide which schools should be in receivership.

• Is impressed with Superintendent Kriner Cash, but thinks that it’s too early to evaluate him.

• Priorities for 2016-17 budget should be additional bus aides, smaller class sizes for lower grade levels and additional reading teachers.


On taking sides on a divided School Board: “I’ve pretty much worked with everyone. I’ve worked with pro-charter. I’ve worked with anti-charter. I’ve worked with privatization. I’ve worked with unions. I’ve worked with reform. I’ve worked with progressive. And all of them at one point interested me in their concern about children, but I’ve come to find as I get older that if you don’t march according to folks’ drumbeat, they soon cut you off. … There’s things that both sides have done that I don’t really agree with.”

On parent representation on the board: “To me, it’s really significant that no board member has a child inside the school district, and no matter what anyone says, when the policies that you are creating and implementing directly impact your child, it’s different. We like to think that everybody’s noble and honorable and concerned; but let’s be realistic and true about it. If you have skin in the game, it’s a different game.”

On social justice and education: “I’ve seen the direct impact of inefficient policies and not following up and plans not being followed through and people not being held accountable. I’ve lived the reality as a fireman, on the streets, seeing victims of it as well as those that are victimized.

“When was the last time you heard of a high school graduate or college kid just committing random acts of violence and robbing people on the street? I’m not saying that they don’t, but it’s a direct link with education and the pipeline to prison and a kid being out there on the streets feeling that they have to hustle or live the subculture.”

– Tiffany Lankes