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Letter: We don’t need to preserve every old building in city

We don’t need to preserve every old building in city

Why does anyone want to keep the old Freezer Queen plant? It’s an eyesore and a death trap for birds and animals, and perhaps people, because of broken windows and pollutants that are probably still lurking inside. It’s an environmental catastrophe that’s waiting to fall over.

Preservationists want to keep it, but why? If it’s to be kept, why don’t these same people who want to keep it do something to preserve it? Instead it just sits and rots and becomes more unstable, uglier and useless. Keeping old buildings as historical sites is cool, as long as they are worth saving. This building has been an eyesore since built, and now that it is self-destructing and nobody has the will to spend millions for its repair and upkeep, it makes more sense to replace it with a new, modern building that serves a useful purpose.

The argument that the pleasing design of the proposed new building is dangerous to the bird population is bunk! Birds are smart enough to fly around trees, cliffs and other obstacles, and have been doing so for millions of years. A new building won’t kill any more birds than would a new window in your home.

Environmental concerns would be greatly answered by a new building using modern materials and construction methods. If Freezer Queen thought the existing building was worth saving, it would still be in business there. So, please, make a useful and right decision and grant approval for a new apartment and multiuse complex and enter the modern age!

Gerald Krause

East Concord