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Letter: Rabid fans eat up all the braggadocio

Rabid fans eat up all the braggadocio

I was really taken aback by the irony exhibited at the Donald Trump rally the other night. On the one hand, there was Rex Ryan, of all people, introducing Trump. Ryan, who some regard as a blowhard, a braggart of sorts, talked a lot, but delivered little. He vowed to have the No. 1 defense, get into the playoffs and build a “bully.”

Ryan was followed by Trump, who ironically has been characterized by many as a bully against women and immigrants and as someone who talks a lot about what he is going to do without offering any specifics or proof about how to do it. He is going to replace Obamacare with “something wonderful.”

Maybe it’s just me, but when I saw all those folks applauding deliriously like a chorus of barking seals to every remark Trump made, I couldn’t help thinking of how much it looked like some of Ryan’s news conferences from last football season.

Michael R. Castanza

West Seneca