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Letter: Much of our tax money is used for good things

Much of our tax money is used for good things

A recent letter complained about New York State being No. 1 for crushing taxes. I look at taxes as my share for investing in my community. I’m happy that I’m able to pay taxes because it means I’m earning a living.

A state scholarship enabled me to attend college due to my handicaps. I became a contributing member of society due to that investment. The welfare structure enabled my parents to care for me during my long period of recuperation. There was no health insurance. Actually my dad filled that bill by working two and three jobs.

I found out how well New Yorkers invest in their people. My granddaughter, who went to high school in Texas, reported to me that after being taught in New York schools, Texas was a breeze. An old adage says: You get what you pay for!

Richard Czarnecki