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Letter: Don’t block development at old Freezer Queen site

Don’t block development at old Freezer Queen site

Our community needs to move forward with the proposed redevelopment of the former Freezer Queen site. For generations, one of Buffalo’s greatest resources – the waterfront – has sat unused, neglected and inaccessible. Not until recently, with Gallagher Beach, the new development along Fuhrmann Boulevard and Ohio Street, etc., have we seen tangible signs of progress on the waterfront. Now, along with the resurgence of downtown, it is finally happening.

The redevelopment of the Freezer Queen complex will turn an unused, potentially dangerous eyesore into a vehicle that will keep the momentum and progress of the waterfront enhancements moving forward. We have someone willing to invest time, effort and money into developing something spectacular on the waterfront. This is not the time to impede progress.

Cities like Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and others have successfully developed large buildings – with, yes, windows – on their waterfronts. Buffalo can now have a jewel of its own. The ability to live on the water will be an amazing draw. If the city squashes this plan, it will set a terrible precedent and raise a red flag for potential private investors going forward.

Remember the Peace Bridge fiasco? Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Mark Kaczanowski