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Letter: Clinton will say and do anything to get elected

Clinton will say and do anything to get elected

Hypocrite: A person who pretends to have virtues, morals, principles and more. Hillary Clinton is accusing all the other candidates of not living up to their promises in a radio ad on some AM stations I listen to. Well, as Ronald Reagan would say, “There you go again.”

Remember when Clinton ran for the U.S. Senate? What did she promise? She promised 200,000 jobs, remember? Look it up. It is fact. Did she come close? No. A mere fraction of the number. I can’t wait for the “I saved the Niagara Falls air base” ad.

This simply leads into the fact that she will say or do anything to appease the audience currently at hand. Example: green energy. First, she despises the coal industry. Then, in an interview with the coal industry, she says she likes coal. So which is it? You can go down the list and when she was confronted at a debate, what did she do? She lied again. It’s easy to fact check her.

But, hey, she did get to name a post office as her bill passed in the Senate. How can she be trusted when she pretends to be everything to everyone? What will we really get? I won’t even touch upon the decades of scandals.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda