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Letter: Clinton has long list of accomplishments

Clinton has long list of accomplishments

Hillary Clinton has a long list of accomplishments since before her time in Washington. Among them, to list a few, in Arkansas, she led the Children’s Defense Fund to help underprivileged children and continued to lead the Health Care Advisory Committee, where she opened rural health care clinics crucial to the state. Reforming the Arkansas educational system, she led curriculum reform and addressed college admission rates, which delivered results. High school students in that state who went on to college increased from 38 percent to over 50 percent.

As first female U.S. senator from New York, she was successful working with Republicans to attain results on many issues, including health care for veterans and National Guard members. She also took on the Chinese to protect our jobs, attained federal money for clean energy and for the biotech industry in Buffalo, and partnered with corporations to offer internships to help students pay off their student loans.

As secretary of state, Clinton was well received all over the world for her character and intelligence. She has always fought for freedom and equality, and against violence against women. To quote a phrase from the ’90s, “What didn’t you like, the peace or the prosperity?” Clinton will do her utmost to achieve that again!

Lana Ricupito