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Letters (April 24)

When it comes to draft, it’s all about the spin

The NFL draft begins Thursday night and all of the general managers are smiling. For them, it’s Christmas morning. They get to open presents that will help eliminate many deficiencies on their team.

At the conclusion of the draft you can be certain of one thing – the GM will proclaim that this draft was very successful. He will say things like “I can’t believe this guy fell to us” or “We got all of the players we targeted.” Another predictable comment os “We had this guy slotted in the third round and we got him in the fifth.” My favorite line is when they say “This guy is a real football player.” Really? I thought he played left wing on the college hockey team.

You’ll never hear a GM say “Boy, we really blew it this year.” He has to sell the hype so the fans get excited. He knows that once the draft gets past the second round, the fans couldn’t pick these players out of a police lineup, even though some of them may actually have been in one.

The Bills have quite a few needs. Since Buffalo is switching to a 3-4 defense and Mario Williams must be replaced, I would select a linebacker and defesnive end in the first two rounds.

The linebacking corps desperately needs an infusion of talent. Speedy starter Nigel Bradham is off to Philly, while Preston Brown was ranked only the 80th best LB in the league by the well respected website Pro Football Focus. Since we’ll be starting four linebackers, the only quality guys we can count on are Jerry Hughes and Manny Lawson (and the latter is on the wrong side of 30).

So sit back and enjoy the intrigue and the chess match that is otherwise known as the draft. Oh, and try to refrain from throwing things at your TV if the Bills don’t select who you think they should.

Dennis Weber


Rex should focus more on making Bills better

I realize this is a sports opinion letter page but what a turn off it was to witness our head coach introducing a political candidate named Donald Trump at his rally this week.

With the consensus of both national and local sports writers predicting a dismal 6-10 record this year it is easy to take a shot at Rex and suggest he should be in his office at the Ralph figuring out what went wrong last year and how to forestall another losing season this year. And I am taking that shot.

I know he has the big guaranteed contract and seemingly little accountability but I wish he would stay away from the politics and goofy attempts at humor and get it all figured out for the fans’ sake. The preceding was not an endorsement for or against the candidate.

Lou Speranza


Right moves essential during this week’s draft

It appears to me that the Bills are on the right path to improving the team to finally make the playoffs this year. Although it will not be easy.

Bills fans can breathe a sigh of relief after this week’s NFL Draft if Doug Whaley, Rex Ryan and Terry & Kim Pegula can somehow come up with a combination of enough solid defensive and offensive players to add to our current roster. There is no question that help is needed on both sides of the line, and that includes a franchise quarterback, an inside linebacker, a safety and most predominantly, a defensive lineman.

My brother and I are planning an excursion to Los Angeles over the Columbus Day weekend to attend the Bills-Rams game at the L.A. Coliseum. It will be interesting to see if the Bills can pull off a victory in “Tinseltown” for the first time in ages.

Jim Antes


Sabres definitely a team on the rise

The Buffalo Sabres were a breath of fresh air to watch this past season. There was no playing for last place to obtain position for the number one pick.

A group of young players and some seasoned veterans made the team fun to watch. The future looks bright for the Sabres and hopefully next season we see them in the playoffs.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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