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Letter: Independents were deprived of voting rights in primaries

Independents were deprived of voting rights in primaries

Hillary Clinton took New York City and three upstate counties. She won Erie County (Buffalo) by 307 votes, Monroe County (Rochester) by 2,592 votes and Onondaga County (Syracuse) by 2340 votes.

But factor this in: In Erie County, 30,305 registered Independence Party members were not allowed to vote, along with 21,941 in Monroe County and 15,799 in Onondaga County. Statewide 475,566 Independence Party voters were denied voting in an election decided by 284,605 votes.

To the Republican and Democratic party leaders who are scratching their heads trying to figure out why everyone is upset with the status quo, read my numbers again and try to realize how your systematic erosion of our voting rights has upset everyone.

It is ironic that the very same Democratic Party that denied my vote will soon be asking for it in the presidential election. It will not get it.

Phil Parshall