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Letter: Great to see employees of Verizon take a stand

Great to see employees of Verizon take a stand

I stand by the Verizon employees who are out on the picket lines. They’re coming together to make sure that we have good, quality service in the future. If Verizon succeeds in this round of negotiations, other companies will see that they can get away with shoddy service, offshoring jobs and contracting out work, too.

It’s a story we’re all too familiar with these days. Executives are getting rich off of the profits their employees earn for the company, all while pressuring them to do more with less. Verizon is trying to transfer technicians away from their homes for months at a time and take jobs out of our community. If someone tried to do that to me and my family, I’d be as fed up as the 39,000 brave people who are currently on strike, too. Being there and providing for those you love isn’t negotiable.

Instead of allowing Verizon to rewrite the rules in its favor, we must ensure that more of our friends and neighbors have the kind of job that sustains a family.

Harper Bishop