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Letter: Formulate plan to highlight area’s logistical powerhouse

Formulate plan to highlight area’s logistical powerhouse

As a follow-up to the letter, “Region can capitalize on international trade,” I am compelled to comment and take the writer’s excellent thoughts a step further. With Buffalo’s location on one of the busiest international borders and its proximity to Canada’s economic heartland, we have a logistics industry right in our backyard that is alive and thriving.

Buffalo is fortunate to have a logistics infrastructure made up of numerous Customs brokers, freight forwarders, warehouses as well as the international expertise of our local bankers, accountants and the legal community. On the regulatory side, we also have the offices of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, to name a few.

Having spent my entire professional career working for the Canadian government and countless U.S. and Canadian companies, I have seen firsthand the knowledge and expertise that the logistics industry has to offer. Firms on both sides of the border have become successful exporters due to their wise counsel. As she mentioned, local universities are also coming on board to train students on supply chain management.

Buffalo is really at the crux of all the action, not only between the United States and Canada, but also for multinationals wanting to access the North American market. This is not a new idea, it had been discussed for many years. All we need to do is harness our existing resources and come up with a viable business plan to highlight our region’s logistical powerhouse. What’s stopping us?

Mary E. Mokka