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Niagara County judge orders shooting suspect to give DNA sample

LOCKPORT – A Niagara Falls man under indictment in four gun-related cases was ordered Friday to give a DNA sample to see if he matches any of the DNA found on what may have been the gun used in one of the shootings.

Dyrek E. Hall, 19, of 21st Street, gave the sample after Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon said Assistant District Attorney Claudette S. Caldwell had established the legal justification for it.

Hall and his cousin Julius T. Hall, 30, of 17th Street, are accused of taking part in a June 28 incident in which shots struck a house and a car in Niagara Falls.

Caldwell told Sheldon that a gun was found at the Seneca Niagara Casino in November. She said that in February, testing established that the gun “matched ballistically” the evidence in the June 28 shooting.

Defense attorney Robert Viola said the police theory is that two guns were used in that shooting, and shell casings from both were recovered at the crime scene.

Caldwell said the gun from the casino was tested for DNA, and a mixture of the DNA of three unidentified people was found on the weapon. She then sought court orders for DNA samples from Dyrek and Julius Hall. The latter didn’t show up for court Friday, and neither did his attorney, Latasha Crumpler. Julius Hall’s case was postponed until Monday.

Dyrek Hall, who is being held without bail, also is charged in three other shooting incidents. They include the Sept. 26 shooting of DeMario A. Chandler of Niagara Falls on 19th Street; an attempt to shoot another man Oct. 5; and the possession of a loaded gun and some drugs when he was arrested Oct. 7.

Also charged in the Sept. 26 Chandler shooting, as well as another shooting of the same victim March 11, is Anthony L. Riley, 25, of Welch Avenue in the Falls.