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Letter: We must remain vigilant, protect hard-won freedoms

We must remain vigilant, protect hard-won freedoms

We can never allow ourselves to put blind trust in politicians. No matter what political party or what particular candidate, we must remain vigilant. They may be fine, but we always must keep an eye on them.

Intrusive technology is probably more rampant than we know, but we really have no idea as individual citizens without someone spilling the beans. Edward Snowden did it but he did it the wrong way, endangered others’ lives and now is a traitor. Who knows what politicians of the future will do about such huge amounts of data. Will they purge it or ignore such regulations for whatever their purposes?

Once we become too complacent, we, by neglecting our heritage, allow things to happen without our consent. We must demand that our elected representatives keep us informed as best they can. If they fail to perform this essential task, they need prompt replacement.

Our Founding Fathers wore silly hats, carried guns, risked everything and won all of our freedoms. We must remember to respect all of our rights and fear those who do not!

Arlie J. Schwan