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Letter: Ryan’s poor judgment on display at Trump rally

Ryan’s poor judgment on display at Trump rally

Rex Ryan has never been known for intelligence or tactfulness. He endorses bullies on the field and now off the field with his thoughtless and ignorant backing of Donald Trump, a brother bully, racist, bigot, misogynist and unqualified media invention.

Ryan is not only a loser in the NFL but has now shown what an insult he is to his players as well as fans of the team he so poorly coaches. He is entitled to his opinion and his political choices, but as a public figure in a politically neutral entertainment, he should show some common sense.

I suppose the frackers are behind their brother billionaire, but for us in our household, the Bills are no longer making us shout. We await the next coach. In the coming season, we will cheer for UB, and ignore the Buffalo Billionaires.

Louis deCarlo