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Letter: Lynch should recuse herself from case involving Clinton

Lynch should recuse herself from case involving Clinton

Although much has been written about Hillary Clinton and the possibility of her facing indictment resulting from her use of a personal email server while secretary of state, along with her total disregard of appropriate security requirements while handling a multitude of classified documents on that private server, I have never seen the following disconcerting fact in the news. The final arbiter in determining whether Clinton will face charges is the attorney general of the United States, Loretta Lynch.

After serving as an assistant U.S. attorney in New York during the 1990s, Lynch was elevated to the position of U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York by a presidential appointment in 1999. The president who appointed Lynch to this extremely prestigious position, and allowed her career to flourish, resulting in her being nominated and approved as attorney general, was Bill Clinton, husband of the person Lynch will decide to indict or not indict.

Not to impugn Lynch’s integrity, but any rational person has to conclude that the above fact is paramount among other known and unknown political pressures that will greatly influence her decision. Lynch should take the honorable and proper course of action and recuse herself from any involvement or comment on this process. Unfortunately she has not done so.

John Counihan