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Letter: Apartment tower will enhance Outer Harbor

Apartment tower will enhance Outer Harbor

It seems to me that there are some citizens who want to keep Buffalo from developing out of the Dark Ages. I would like to render complete support for an apartment tower to be built on the site of the decrepit old Freezer Queen property on Buffalo’s Outer Harbor.

There are many hundreds, if not thousands, of local citizens who happen to believe that the present building is a complete eyesore and needs to be demolished. Most feel there is no need to consider the structure as a worthwhile historical building. I believe there are few folks willing to travel to Buffalo to visit the current site.

The proposed structure, with its restaurants, boat docks, tennis courts and landscaped green space, will certainly add much-needed class to our waterfront. Most reasonable people also will agree that birds will utilize their instincts to avoid colliding with the tower.

What’s truly lacking on Buffalo’s harbor is living space. The 4-mile long harbor will not be overcommercialized with 200 apartments in a high-rise. This will be a great opportunity for those with a moderate income to enjoy scenic views. I don’t believe it will cater to only wealthy families.

The citizens of Buffalo cannot afford to wait to add a great addition to our waterfront. A truly great waterfront is a balanced combination of parks, marinas, concert venues, restaurants, bars and some places that individuals and families can truly call home.

Gerald R. Graves