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Letter: Trump isn’t qualified for nation’s top office

Trump isn’t qualified for nation’s top office

I would like to respond to the letter, “Trump just might be Americans’ only hope.” While the writer’s premise can be understood, its solution is unfathomable. Donald Trump has never been elected, appointed or commissioned to any public office. Based on that alone, he is distinctly unqualified, and the presidency is arguably not the place to begin on-the-job training.

As Andrew Jackson so succinctly pointed out over 180 years ago, “It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.” With that being said, the writer got the “D.C. scene” totally correct. Unfortunately, no matter who gets elected in the 2016 election or those to follow, that scene will never change – it simply is too ingrained in how things are handled in our dysfunctional society. But Trump is not the answer because it would be too easy for him to endorse the precepts of the “D.C. scene.”

So the insanity will continue unless the Founding Fathers, who are most likely turning over and over in their graves, can somehow be exhumed to rectify the situation.

Scott Patterson