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Letter: If you’re sick, stay home; don’t disrupt BPO concert

If you’re sick, stay home; don’t disrupt BPO concert

At a recent BPO concert, I was sadly reminded of the occasion at Kleinhans when Jesse Norman abruptly interrupted her performance and admonished members of the audience to please cover their coughs. It was evident that Western New York has struggled through a rough cold season recently, as the hall was racked with thundering coughs. One lady in the back hacked her way incessantly through the third movement of the Shostakovich. Not only is that one of the quietest of movements, but is certainly long enough to qualify her as a record holder for the longest nonfatal coughing spell.

I have friends who, in spite of being music lovers, have given up on attending live concerts to avoid being driven crazy by rude, noisy audience members. In a better world, those who are sick or otherwise prone to making noise would be the ones staying home.

William M. Rich