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Letter: Hypocritical Cruz won’t trick intelligent voters

Hypocritical Cruz won’t trick intelligent voters

Because we aren’t able to vote for “none of the above” in November, I decided to pay close attention to the Ted Cruz appearance in Buffalo to try to discover his attraction. What does this man who doesn’t even use his own first name (Rafael) and was born in Canada to a Cuban father really stand for?

He promotes himself as a conservative and a constitutionalist. It’s well-known his colleagues in the Senate are not his fans. To hear him call his parents’ generation “deadbeats” seems to fit his character. Worse yet, it shows his true lack of understanding of how the economy works. Did he intend to punish that generation in 2013 when he led the government shutdown that closed national parks to vacationers? If he is a true constitutionalist, he should be condemning the Federal Reserve system, which took control of the financial system from Congress in 1913.

Cruz called Washington a corrupt system that makes decisions without the input of the taxpayers. What a hypocrite. He is only too willing to work the system when it benefits him. Why else would he accept the Colorado delegates without a primary vote? If he thinks the country’s financial problems will be solved by going back to the Reagan era of tax cuts for the rich and world prices for agricultural commodities, he is wrong. It was these policies that started the massive borrowing in the 1980s, the disastrous trade treaties, outsourcing to low-wage countries and the gutting of the middle class. It was not the common taxpayers who devised those policies. It was the same backroom types as those who gave him the Colorado delegates.

And it was his own generation that nearly broke the bank on Wall Street; saved by a welfare bailout for the rich. It’s OK to give welfare to the rich, but don’t promote policies that would help those whose lives have been impacted adversely during the past 35 years. That seems to be the philosophy of Cruz.

Marlene Schotz